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Wii need batteries

Gaaaaah Gamn you Wii. You are a lovely system BUT YOU FUCKING KEEP TAKING MY BATTERIES!


Btw, Gel. You're right. Sometimes I AM fighting with the controls. But it's not as bad as said it is.I just can't Shield thrust on command (Zelda: TP)
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Work Skills and Territory

Well, as far as the Duane Reade store goes, I'm....hanging in there. It's not easy, really.

While I got half to most of the skills down packed, I still make either somewhat minor midstakes or can't fully finish the job and when I hear my big boss' mouth, I can't help but feel he's mad at me each time (because before, one of the times when I couldn't do something, he kinda threaten my job existiance...then again, he was fustrated at the time with something else, but still...>>) He's still nice to me though. He keeps saying that I'm a good person and that I got my positive points. This brings up another personal issue...

While my bosses see me as a good person and all (and according to my big boss today, out of so many employees, cashier and stock guy related, I'm the only one who actually follows my schedule), there could be a problem with so much credibility to my skills and such. The thing is, I don't want my other employees/friends, who I get along with all (even though a few of the girls I don't know who say negative stuff about me behind my back), to think of me as a 'good boy' or anything that shows I'm being like greatly more then them. It sets off as some kind of alliance, and something to where an employee is more hardworking and dedicated is similar to be classified as a 'Teacher's Pet.' Get what I mean? So I try my best to be neutral.. I'm also doing this with the employees themselves.

Damn Matthatan...don't got no good quality Pizza or chinese food like the Bronx does...T_T

All and all, I'm fairly enjoying my new job.
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One of the Best Days EVAR!

I got two reasons why I'm extreamly happy

1) I got a new job, and it's at Duane Reade! It's a department store like Pathmarks or Target, but different in some ways. No selling of electronics (at least none that I saw :p)

I got a good salary rate ($7.00 - $10.00 hr.), but I work on the overnight shift from 12 AM to 8AM. I'm doing stocks. The time isn't that much of an issue (they gotta give me the schedule tonight), but now I got a official job which I know I'm gonna get paid :D


Nuff. Fucking. Said. :D

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Sorry for not posting anything in a while. My life sucks, as I've warned

Remember that job I got in my last entry? Well, after being there for two weeks, in training, I left. Reason?

1) I wasn't getting paid 

2) The constant walking without break for 6-9 hours was really tiring (Keep in mind, we sit down a bit and talk before we go out)

I'm not gonna explain the details of the job, but I just decided 'That's enough.' And it's sad too, since I really like all those people there. Now, before ya say anything, no, they didn't rip me off or anything, since they explained when I was gonna get paid (and that's by working up the title and getting my own room I guess). Instead of just yelling at them and asking them 'Where's my money?' and such, I decided to leave there as a positive person. Oh, also, I did get some money from them, but it was only by bonus, which really wasn't enough.

Why didn't I demanded money? Because I'm just that type of guy. I walk in a job as a respectful person. If I don't like it or am not getting paid, I'll kindly LEAVE out of the job as a respectful person.

Anyway, a week later, I went to the Workforce 1 in my borough and soon got myself a job interview next Tuesday at Duane Reeds. I know they'll pay me and treat me right =D

So yeah, wish me luck. Again LOL

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Made the first cut!

Well, good news that despite me being about 30 minutes late for a job interview, I was able to get into the 2nd interview. From what the person that interviewed me telling me, I might like this job (if I can make it). I didn't catch much of what she said the company is about except that it's been going for more then 30 years and that it's trying to stretch out to the tri-state area. I'm gonna do more research of the company. I'm trying to get into customer service positon.

Wish me luck on Friday ^^ 
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Greetings, Bitches!

Yo, this is Rockin. As you can see, I got myself a live journal. Now you can see just how boring my life is XD

Right now, don't really have much to say. If you have any questions or whatnot, feel free to tell.